A new business plan is typically about those clients you’re going to get, as it should be, but too often your current clients aren’t part of your new business process.

Three tips on keeping your current clients part of your new business plan:

  1. Include your new business director or team in the ongoing plan to retain current clients.

Yes, you have account personnel to do that, but ideally your new business director/team is creating content via blogging or through social channels, or creating  prospecting pieces around new work or services.  You need to make sure you clients receive this type of information.

It doesn’t have to come directly from the new business teams of course, but your clients need to see that you’re staying on top of their industry and yours.

2. Create a plan to reach out to past clients.

They went with another firm or took it in-house. Ideally you didn’t burn any bridges.  If an appropriate amount of time has passed (or even if it hasn’t) check back in, or introduce yourself, as the case may be. Let them know your firm is thriving and, per #1 above, you’re on top of the industry.

3. Land and expand with your current clients

Have a plan, where possible, to focus on getting more new business from your current clients. Your clients probably have other opportunities you could take on and possibly other firms are handling it for them-you at least need a plan to get deeper within the company.

Understandably, that isn’t possible in some cases, but I’ve had agencies tell me they’re afraid, or at the very least nervous, to broach the subject.  You have to tread cautiously of course, so as not to potentially step on toes, but you should at least try.

Your Current Clients Need To Be Part Of Your Agency New Business Plan