As part of our quarterly surveys, we ask your prospects several questions about initial pitches, introductory meetings and meeting follow-up, and then post those comments unedited at the end of each survey.

These comments sometimes get lost amidst the initial survey findings, but more than likely, you can find some insightful comments there.

To give you an idea: each question we asked below and a few of the comments that follow each (with spelling, punctuation, etc. left as-is from the original comment).

If you had one piece of advice to give to companies about their marketing efforts to get your attention what would it be?

  • Help me understand how spending finite budget resources in the manner they recommend will translate into tangible sales results.
  • Please know who we are!
  • know our market – don’t assume you know our market – learn about our products before you come into pitch your services

If you had one piece of advice to companies about their pitches/presentations (other than making them shorter) what would it be?

  • Emphasize the client’s needs, not what you’ve done for others in the past.
  • Try to make them relevant to our business; we don’t have good imagination about how it would work for us.
  • Bring the account team that is being considered for the new client, don’t put the sales team up front and switch to another team after the business is won.

If you had one piece of advice to companies about their follow-up after initial introductory meetings what would it be?

  • Do not be a pest!
  • Be patient, yet persistent. Email rather than call.
  • Write a succinct thank you note, without going “over the top.”
  • Submit a “debrief” document within 24 hours of meeting. Keep everyone on the same page.

We continuously invite feedback from marketers.  Visit often for new insights and recommendations.