In sales you have peaks and valleys, it’s inevitable, and not for the weak of will.

The successful salesperson knows what to do to get out of the valley, but I’ve seen and heard examples of those responsible for driving new business wallowing in that valley.

Two reasons why:

1) You’re Waiting

For content, for that new case study, for the site relaunch or for that perfect “something” you know you’ll unearth about a prospect.

Waiting will kill you, don’t do it.

That’s not to say you run blindly and without thought through your outbound and inbound activity, but as in life, putting it off leads to further procrastination and suddenly the quarter’s over with nothing to show for it.

So you can’t wait, but what happens when you’ve used that case study, many times, and there’s no new content at the moment?  Here comes the second reason:

2) Always Crashing In The Same Car

A good salesperson has to be resourceful.  You know this.

Yet, I’m not sure you do?

Because in the situation I mentioned above, too many new business people will just use that case study yet again.

It’s easy and you’re busy.

You can’t let that be an excuse-your prospects have a limited attention span and are equally as busy-more of the same doesn’t help you break through.

The answer is third-party content within your relevant space/spaces.

Good salespeople know how to find it, and tie it into their expertise.

Don’t let these two roadblocks derail your new business success.