Of all the different facets of new business, it’s interesting that one particular is often ignored: the reasons why, after an initially good, or great phone conversation, you didn’t get that initial face-to-face meeting.

Ask yourself what the percentage of your new business activity falls into this category:

How many conversations are out there that you haven’t followed up on in the past 3 or 4 months?

It’s a strange sort of New Business Purgatory, that specific situation where you’ve reached out initially and had, what you thought at least, was an excellent conversation bursting with the types of smart questions we talk about on this blog.

That first face-to-face is the next logical step but then that prospect goes dark.

The reasons why basically boil down to two very different extremes.  Neither will be a shock but it’s still fascinating to me how many firms find themselves in one of these situations.

Reason 1: You fall into the overly-aggressive camp. 

You reach out over and over with little or no value and pester the crap out of the prospect. Desperation, thy name is (insert your firm’s name here.).

Rudimentary advice you say?  Absolutely, but I guarantee there are many of you reading this right now that are pestering a prospect to death as we speak.

Reason 2: You fall into the too busy or disorganized to follow up camp. 

Self explanatory but neither is an excuse.

Bottom line, you’ve worked hard to put together your list of prospects.  Don’t waste that hard work lingering in New Business Purgatory. As you’re reading this, open your calendar and set time to review your database notes for those conversations.

Go ahead, I’ll wait here for you.