We occasionally run into companies that aspire to be all-inclusive when it comes to new business.

They don’t want to leave anyone out of the decision-making process.

This makes sense for some business decisions related to the firm, but new business requires quick thinking, quick action, and focused initiatives.  It doesn’t need to be weighted down with over-thinking.

If you decide you want to get everyone involved, do so upfront.  Get the team to agree to the over-riding objectives and strategies of the agency’s new business efforts.

Don’t require the “team” to approve lists, ongoing messaging, or content, for example.

It’s best to rely on one or two key individuals in the company (might be you) to carry the new business flag.

In the end, you have to have enough confidence in them (or yourself) to get the job done.

Save the team decision making for the pitch, or the RFP response, or the decision of whether or not to take on a new client.

Don’t bog down the new business process before the real work even starts.