We talk to companies every day, both client and prospective, and have engaged in a few surprising conversations with owners of businesses.

These business leaders conveyed they’ve had a pretty good run lately handling new business internally.

They’ve created a memorable direct mail piece, have dedicated themselves to social media or made more time to reach out, either in-person or on the phone.

What was surprising about these conversations however was the similarity in how each owner ended the internal efforts conversation.

Each of them stated they hoped to get to the point where they had enough new business coming in from their current efforts that they could take a break.

Ad Agency New Business


Insert red flag here.


You probably know what I’m going to say-this will come back to haunt them.

It’s commendable that the effort got started, but you can’t “take a break.”

Not saying you should be chained to your desk either, but even taking a month or two off will set back your efforts, sometimes dramatically.

In the short run, these companies may see no detrimental effects if in fact their initial efforts, combined with their existing clients, keep them busy, but ultimately their pipeline will be empty and they might also find themselves with an uncomfortable amount of business coming from a sole client.

So if you’re giving it a go internally, ensure you’re taking these steps:

– Make your prospecting list manageable (in monthly chunks)
– Target your prospects appropriately
– Do a little homework prior to reaching out
– Always follow up

No, it’s not easy and yes, it will take time, but as the title of the post suggests, ‘Consistency is next to Godliness” when it comes to agency new business.