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The company was started in 2005 and from its beginning, has only focused on helping B2B firms find and win new business by better positioning them in the market.  We have a team of sales and marketing professionals that support each of our lead generation programs.

Where most lead generation firms only have a strong foundation in sales, at Launch, we are expert in sales and positioning and marketing.

With today’s marketplace getting so competitive and so many B2B offerings looking alike, it is critical that every sales effort is supported by a unique positioning and sound messaging.

At Launch, we know how to better position companies and their brands, which in turn makes it easier to find leads for your business.

We help all kinds and sizes of firms, across the entire U.S.


We use experienced sales development reps whose job is to find quality leads for your business.

Our senior leadership staff brings decades of experience selling and marketing businesses of all types, sizes, and industries.

We also bring the expertise of our list building team to each program to help build stronger pipelines of leads for our B2B clients (when needed).


Launch is the perfect solution for those firms who need to open doors with right-fit prospects.

The best fit for Launch are those firms that excel in closing but either don’t have the time to consistently prospect, need more leads, or aren’t adept at the process of breaking through to solidify that first critical meeting.

Launch provides the support to help drive day-to-day prospecting activity by building targeted lists, following a consistent framework of outreach and sustaining a consistent pipeline of quality prospects.

Our lead generation methodology is proven successful.  Clients are closing business and staying on longer, each and every year.